The Importance of a Car Service

Everyone that owns a car often takes it for granted that their car is going to drive well, work efficiently and function safely; as this is what we bought them for….is it not?

Well, believe it or not, cars are like us humans. They need to be kept in a good, healthy condition so that they can perform to their maximum potential at all times.  They must be treated in the correct way and well looked after so to minimise the risk of failure.

Buying a car is often the 2nd biggest ‘investment’ people make in their lives; second to buying a property.  We all look to make sure we get the right deal when purchasing a car so we must follow that up with making sure we look after our investment.

This is where making sure that you have a regular car service is so important.  A simple annual service can save you time and money and allow you to get the best quality and life out of your car.

The oil in your car can easily become contaminated by the dirt that gets collected from the roads and fuel that gets brought into the system.  Over a period of time, the oil also becomes thinner which in turn is then vulnerable to burning quicker, causing low oil levels which could damage the engine.  Within a service, the oil is the number one priority for being replaced as such because of its importance.

Alongside the oil being changed, the main filters (oil, air & fuel) should be replaced, as again over time these become dirty and dysfunctional which could lead to further problems.  These filters control the main components on what makes your engine work so it is paramount that these get replaced regularly.

Having a vehicle inspection will help let the service technicians take a thorough examination of your car and ensure that your car is in a safe, working order.  Items that will get checked include the brakes, suspension, steering, clutch and exhaust systems.  Basic items like wiper blades, light bulbs and seat belts will also get tested ensuring your car is operating in a roadworthy condition.

The small cost that you can pay for a service will repay you in your cars health.

It’s evident that maintaining your car properly is important if we want to hold onto as much value in ‘our investment’ as we can.  Look after you car…it will make your life easier, save you money and you can enjoy your investment that little bit more!

About the author:
Written by Steve Sharp on behalf of Service 4 Service, 
Independent Volvo Specialists offering an approved Volvo Service Exeter, Devon and across the UK nationwide.

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